The Secret to a Stress Free Life

How You Can Eliminate Stress and Thrive!

Stress can literally kill you.

We all know that person who has a lot going on, but they always have this cool and calm demeanor about them.  They don’t appear stressed, and if you ask them straight up if they are stressed, they tell you it’s all under control.

What gives?  So many of us get riled up because of stress to the point where it causes sleepless nights, health problems, and failed family relationships.

There’s a secret to a stress free life.  Actually, there are two of them.

Live in the Present Moment

The timeline of our lives is divided into three parts: past, present, and future.  Each of these parts carries its own emotional baggage that can end up weighing upon us.

When we start to dwell on the past, we are often plagued with regret.  Small or large, our regrettable actions lead to stress in our lives.

If we focus too much on the future, we are plagued with anxiety.  The unknown future events lead to stress in our lives.

But when we focus on the present, there is no stress.  As Joshua Medcalf explains in his book Chop Wood Carry Water, “be where your feet are.”

It’s not as easy as simply being present in the present; we have to reshape our mindset to get there.  Prepare for the future as much as necessary, but live life in the present in order to let your stress wash away.

Control Only What you can Control

When we live in the present, we may feel as though we are giving up control of the life around us.  In reality, however, we are giving up the things that we cannot control.

Our lives are impacted by hundreds of variables every single minute.  And we have no control at all over the vast majority of them.  The weather does what the weather does.  Getting mad because you’re stuck in traffic is only controllable by taking a different route… that might have traffic as well.  How other people treat you, how your next meal will taste, and more are all things that are largely outside of your control.

By realizing that the one aspect, the one item, basically the only thing you can control is your attitude, stressful situations melt away.  You can learn more about the Illusion of Partially Controllable Events to see how things get stuck in stress.

The Secret to a Stress Free Life is Giving Up Control and Living in the Present

It’s a secret because few people do it.  And those who do have had to change how they act dramatically.  But when you give up control (which you didn’t have in the first place), and focus on being in the present, the stress that causes so many problems melts away into nothing.

Of course, what this doesn’t mean is that you should completely stop planning for the future.  Set yourself up in a way that you will succeed.  Know that uncontrollable events will force your plans to alter.  Go with the flow, and adapt your attitude to the new plan that has to be followed.

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