Hundreds of Attendees at the TEDxBillings Main Event Leave Inspired

15 Presenters Engage a Packed Auditorium

Months of hard work came to fruition at TEDxBillings on March 5th.

The Babcock Theater, in Downtown Billings, opened its doors to guests as they poured in eager to hear from fifteen dynamic speakers and entertainers.  The theme: Inspiration Under the Big Sky – staying true to our roots while developing our future, was a success with almost no technical glitches interrupting the messages delivered from the amazing local speakers.

We Heard Ideas Worth Spreading

The all-day event brought a variety of speakers, topics, and styles of presenting on stage.  With each presentation limited to 15 minutes, the speakers had to be dialed in to deliver the maximum information in their limited time.

We heard from those who have dedicated their entire lives to the study of communication and how we can be more effective.

We heard emotional monologues from those who lived through heart wrenching transformations and the lessons they learned.

We heard from musical performers that have a clear message behind their music bound to move the hearts of millions.

We heard from those who designed their message to inspire us, challenge us, and push ourselves to commit to making Billings and the world a much better place.

The morning session began with coffee provided by Mazevo Coffee Roasters, and it culminated in a lunch catered from TOPZ Sandwich Company.  The afternoon session wrapped up the presentations as the energy in the room never faded.

If you missed it this year, then it’s time to start making plans for the next big event.

Making Plans for 2022 and Beyond

The TEDxBillings organization team is already getting things lined up for the next year.

Throughout 2022 smaller Salon events give us a small snippet of what is to come.  It’s a chance for a handful of our main event speakers to get to know those here in Billings and hone their speaking skills.  It’s a chance for the Billings community to stay inspired as we all work toward once again putting on the main event.

How You can be Involved with TEDxBillings

Wondering what your role is with TEDxBillings?  There are three ways that you can be involved.  Ways that you can participate in ideas worth spreading.

First, follow the TEDxBillings social pages.  That’s the fastest way to get information from us to you.

Second, stay tuned as detailed instructions on how you can be a presenter at one of the salon events, or at next year’s main event will be released shortly.  There’s a lot of interest in being a speaker, so put some good thought into what’s going to inspire the most.

Third, spread the word around the Billings community.  These events are possible because people like you are inspired to make Billings a better place.  The more community involvement that we have, the better Billings becomes.

Every presentation from the main event is going through editing and will soon be released for replay online.  If you missed the live event, you can still take in the ideas when the digital version is ready.

What’s your idea worth spreading?