Leave Your Funk at the Door

The Art of a Perfect Work-Life Balance

Years ago I had to sit through annual meetings with my job.  Nobody wanted to be there, but the company insisted on bringing in motivational speakers (probably costing a pretty penny) to… well… motivate us to do better.  In other words, motivate us to produce more so the company made money.

I would say that greater than 99% of the information went in one ear and out the other.

There was one talk, however, that resonated.  I don’t remember the name of the speaker (I just remember I thought he was a little obnoxious… like most motivational speakers).  I don’t remember the title of his talk, or really anything else other than the one sentence from his three days in town.  I call it “Leave Your Funk at the Door.”

What it Means to Leave Your Funk at the Door

The idea is pretty simple.

You come home from a long and hard day at work.  You have a dozen things filling up your mind, and you’re making mental notes on how you’re going to deal with them all tomorrow when you head back in.  You’re frustrated with how things didn’t go as planned, you’re stressed about that big business deal, you’re angry at your coworker that ate your lunch… There are a bunch of “work” things that can weigh us down.

Mull them over, contemplate them, and be angry about them.  The whole drive home stew on them.  Get out of your car and mutter under your breath if you want.  And then, when you get to the door to your house, take all of that funk, and leave it there.

When you walk in, your only focus should be on your household and your family.  They don’t deserve to hear your work woes.  They don’t need your grumpy Gus attitude because of things they don’t care about.  They deserve you and 100% you.

Tomorrow, as you’re leaving for work, you have a smile on your face as you walk out the door.  You hug, blow kisses, wave, and wish each other a happy day.  And then you pick up that funk, and figure out what to do with that work stuff.

Using Your Funk to Create the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Stress is an incredible motivator (unless you can’t rein it in; then it will end up killing you).  Work stress, or funk, is an incredible way to get things done at work, and not drag them home to your family.

If you find your work creeping into your home life, here’s what you need to do.

Get out of your car at the end of the day (if you’re working from home these days, go outside, turn around, and walk back in).  Physically go through the motions like you’re taking off a backpack, and drop that funk at the door.

Focus on being present with your family, and pick up your funk the next day.

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