Ideas Can Only Grow When You Spread Them

Why an Idea Can’t be Locked Up Forever

I have a shelf over my computer monitors.  It’s mostly full of little knickknacks that remind of events, pictures of family, and a couple other useful items.

Right in the middle of the shelf, however, is a pinecone.  Actually, it’s a redwood cone, but that’s not important.

This cone comes off a giant sequoia tree.  It’s only about 2 inches tall and really it’s unimpressive as far as cones go.  One would think that a tree that can reach 200 feet tall and be wide enough at the base that you can drive a car through it would produce an impressive cone.

But no, the giant sequoia has a cone that is small, unimpressive, and easily passed over.

I keep it as a reminder.

How to Turn a Cone into a Giant Tree

My redwood cone will never become a giant sequoia.

It stays on my shelf; sometimes I blow the dust off it, and then return it to the shelf.  Day after day, year after year, it remains a small cone and doesn’t become a tree.

It still has that potential though.  If I moved to the Pacific coast, I could turn it into an enormous tree.

After finding a great spot, I would dig a small hole.  Into the hole, I’d drop the cone.  Then, by carefully watering the spot, eventually a small piece of green growth would come up.

As the sunlight hit the itty bitty tree, and my careful watering and perhaps fertilizing would allow it to get bigger.  Every day it would add height, girth, and heft.  Over time, it wouldn’t need me anymore, but it would have the momentum to continue to grow into an enormous tree.

As long as it remains on my shelf, it will never get any bigger.

How to Turn an Idea into a Giant

I keep the cone there as a reminder.  A reminder to me that I can be packed full of great ideas that will never get any bigger if I don’t share them.

Until I find the right ground, plant my idea, and then put in the work to nourish it, that idea will never get any bigger than a pinecone sitting on the shelf of my mind.

But when I share it, and put in some effort, action, and work, that idea can grow into something far larger than me.

TEDxBillings is All About Ideas Worth Spreading

TEDx Billings is all about spreading those ideas so they don’t sit dormant on the shelf of your mind.

Entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, and anyone that wants to see Billings grow into a better place can get together and learn about these ideas worth spreading.  And we want you to join us!

Are you ready to take your idea from a tiny cone in your mind, to a giant that is larger than yourself?