Where do You Find Your Inspiration?

TEDxBillings at the Babcock

What’s the Idea Behind Ideas Worth Spreading?

Have you ever heard something that was so astounding that you couldn’t wait to tell someone about it?

Or perhaps it was just a profound new way of thinking about life, the world, society, the number 42, technology, entertainment, or design?

These a-ha! ideas come at us quickly, and often when we’re not expecting them.  With TED and TEDxBillings, we call them Ideas Worth Spreading.  Let’s dive deeper into what makes an idea worth spreading, and how we can incorporate these into our world so everyone’s life gets a little bit better.

What Makes an Idea Worth Spreading?

You know an idea worth spreading when you hear it.  But have you stopped to consider what goes into that idea?

Profound – So many concepts are out there that we consider every single day.  But when we get caught up in a way of thinking, we keep them separate.  An idea worth spreading is one that profoundly combines two seemingly unrelated concepts into something most people haven’t considered before.

New – Some ideas are completely new.  Often these fall into the “Technology” part of TED as discoveries and inventions that have never been seen before are revealed to the public.

Twisted – No, not twisted as in sick and depraved; twisted as a new way of thinking about something old.  Instead of combining two concepts, simply twist an old one so that it is approached in a unique manner.

Funny – Entertainment isn’t always funny, but funny things are always entertaining.  Entertainment and media is nearly a trillion dollar industry here in the USA.  Why?  Because people spend money to be entertained.  Taking a humorous look at an existing idea is a way to get people captivated and talking.

Inspiring – Everyone wants to feel like they’re worth something.  Most of the time that self worth comes from creating and doing.  After all, who has gotten up from binge watching their favorite show and thought, “Wow, I’m making a difference in the world!”?  Inspiring people to do more, do better, and be better is an idea worth spreading.

Discover Ideas Worth Spreading at TEDxBillings

Where do you find inspiration?  What is your go-to for finding those ideas that you cannot wait to share with your friends and family?

TED, the big idea behind the local TEDxBillings, has been publishing ideas worth spreading for nearly 30 years.  Recently, however, you don’t have to tune in to the big international channel.

We have amazing people right here in Billings.  We have people that are profound, new thinkers, twisted thinkers, comedians, and inspirational.  And they’re ready to impart their knowledge, and share Ideas Worth Spreading to all who are ready to listen.

Become a part of TEDxBillings so you don’t miss out on the next big thing.  With small salon events throughout the year, there’s always an opportunity to be one of the first to hear an idea.  Join the TEDxBillings community so you don’t miss out.

P.S. If you see TEDx Billings, it’s a slight misspelling of TEDxBillings (no spaces here folks, it’s all one-ish word).