Recovering the Lost Art of Listening

Failure to Listen Properly is Driving us Apart In a small town church in Texas, a member of the congregation was known for his attitude.  He wasn’t exactly unruly, nor did he cause disturbances, but was known by what is referred to as a “Doubting Thomas.” He brought down the entire congregation with his negative […]

The Secret to a Stress Free Life

How You Can Eliminate Stress and Thrive! Stress can literally kill you. We all know that person who has a lot going on, but they always have this cool and calm demeanor about them.  They don’t appear stressed, and if you ask them straight up if they are stressed, they tell you it’s all under […]

Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail

And How You can make Sure to Succeed Toward the end of every year, people scramble as they try to figure out which New Year’s Resolution they will make. Every year they scramble to figure out which will be easy enough to keep and yet won’t be a big deal when they inevitably fail. The […]