Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail

And How You can make Sure to Succeed

Toward the end of every year, people scramble as they try to figure out which New Year’s Resolution they will make.

Every year they scramble to figure out which will be easy enough to keep and yet won’t be a big deal when they inevitably fail.

The problem with this cycle of setting resolutions, and not seeing them through, is that we set ourselves up for failure every single year.  There’s a major flaw that you can take out of your goals or resolutions in the coming year so you can see success.

The Inherent Flaw in our New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions, goals, dreams, aims… they’re all the same thing.  Simply swapping out a word isn’t going to build inspiration or help you succeed with your commitment any better.

The problem with most resolutions isn’t what you want to achieve, rather it is how you set yourself up to achieve it.

The inherent flaw is two-fold, actually.  The first part of the flaw makes it easier for the second part of the flaw to come true.

Flaw number one: our resolutions are not measurable, barely attainable, or overall act more like wishes than actual commitments or goals.  For example, I resolve to make more money… I resolve to quit smoking… I resolve to lose some weight… sure they’re all good things, but they really don’t mean anything because they’re just wishes.

The second part of the flaw that is set up by the first part is that because they are such low-level commitments, they mean nothing if you achieve them or don’t.  If you resolve to lose some weight, and you lose a pound, you’ve made it!  If you resolve to lose some weight, and you gain 5 pounds, oh well, it’s only five pounds.

How to Set Yourself up for Success

Success is pretty easy for any goal that you want to achieve.  It all starts with the right mindset to get there.

Mindset – If you go into your resolutions thinking it’s no big deal if you fail them, you will fail them.  If you go into them believing that you will achieve your goals, and you absolutely must achieve them, then you will succeed.

Baby Steps – But if your goal is to double your income this year, just working harder isn’t going to get you there.  You have to break it down to baby steps.  How much extra do you need each month or week?  How many phone calls or projects will you have to work on to get there?  What can you do outside of your nine to five job to make this happen?

Persistence – You will get knocked down.  You will fall behind.  You will trend toward failure.  What separates those who achieve their goals from those who do not is the persistence to get back up and try again.

Accountability – There have been a lot of studies on achieving goals.  Did you know that if you make a resolution to yourself, and tell nobody, you’re much more likely to fail than if you tell someone?  Likewise, if you make a resolution and write it down and give that note to someone, you’re even more likely to succeed.  Have someone hold you accountable, encourage you, and push you toward your goals.

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