Tend your Business Like you Tend your Garden

Proper Preparation Leads to Abundant Harvest

Montana has a pretty short growing season: usually just May to September.  Mother Nature leaves little room for error, and if you don’t care for your garden properly, you end up out of luck until next year.

There are a lot of important business lessons we can learn by looking at how our garden grows.

It all Starts with Soil Preparation

Suppose you want to plant a garden.  Your first step is to scatter some seeds on the ground, right?

No, the idea is absurd.

Suppose you want to open a retail store.  Your first step would be to secure a building and post an “open” sign… right?

Again, absurdity.

In both situations you have to start with proper preparation.  When gardening, you ensure that you have the space available, you amend the soil if necessary, you map out where you want your plants to grow, and you plant strategically to ensure growth.

With a business, you start by testing the waters and ensuring that the demand is there for your product.  Then you build your brand, you put your systems in place, and you strategically plant the seeds so people come in and support you.

Fertilize, Water, Weed

When you plant a garden, you can’t just throw seeds out there and hope for the best.  You have to water regularly, fertilize when necessary, and keep those pesky weeds from sucking all the water and nutrients from the soil.

When you’re in business, you can’t just open up shop and wait for the customers to come pouring in.  You tend to your business, advertise, promote, and constantly get better and do better.

Visualize the Abundance Mindset

One of the best things about gardening is watching your garden grow.  You take a single seed, place it in the ground, and over time a plant comes up that produces hundreds, or perhaps thousands of seeds.

It’s a fantastic way to literally see the abundance mindset in action.

Applying abundance thinking to business, you give a little bit and bring in a reward much greater than what you put out.  It’s one of the laws of the harvest.

Learn the Law of the Harvest

You are probably familiar with the laws of the harvest; at least one or two of them, anyway.  But did you know there are actually 7 laws of the harvest?

1 – We reap what has been sown

2 – We reap the same kind as we sow

3 – We reap in a different season than we sow

4 – We reap more than we sow

5 – We reap in proportion to what we sow

6 – We reap the full harvest if we persevere

7 – We can’t do anything about last year’s harvest

For full detail, check out this write-up on the 7 Laws of the Harvest.

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