You Know of TED Talks, Right?

Ted, a name that is short for Theodore, has nothing to do with TED, a name which is short for Technology, Entertainment, Design.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, there have been speakers at TED Talks with the name Ted; a way to throw a little confusion into the mix.

But what is TEDx and what is TEDxBillings?  Well, as you can see right on the homepage of our site, the “x” means it’s an independently organized TED event.  It’s not the big dog TED, but the same concept, the same great information, but at a smaller and local(er) scale.

Okay, but what does TEDxBillings really mean?

TEDxBillings Means Prosperity for Our Community

We know that economies across the country are built by the local business owners.  Those entrepreneurs, and those willing to take a risk and provide a service here in Billings are those that are keeping us going!  TEDx helps inspire, inform, and educate local entrepreneurs so they can prosper and grow the community.

TEDxBillings Means Inspiration for Business and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and owning a business is a lot of work!  Sometimes that work can be daunting, overwhelming, or when things don’t work out, downright discouraging.  With a group of inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and people in the same shoes, inspiration to keep charging ahead is found at TEDx.

TEDxBillings Means Creating a Better Place to Live

When local businesses succeed, they invest back into the community.  When we all invest in our community, it grows into a better place.  Inspiration to do better, grow bigger, and prosper leads to a better place to live for everyone.

TEDxBillings Means Embracing the Montana Way of Life

We’re proud of our Montana roots.  Those who emigrated here are proud to be accepted as Montanans.  That way of life is built on hard work and taking care of each other.  At TEDx, we’re all about embracing our roots, staying true to that Montana way of life, digging in when the time comes so we can all be happy and prosperous.

How You can be Involved with TEDxBillings

So what does TEDxBillings mean?  It means doing better, together.

That togetherness happens when we all get involved and do our part.  Whether you have a great message and you want to apply to be a presenter, attend an event, or become a sponsor, or just be a member of the community supporting others, there’s a way we can all be involved to grow the community of Billings.

So, how are you going to make the place you live into a better place?